What's new?

Upcoming Features

These features are currently scheduled or in the pipeline. We might change the roadmap based on the user feedback.
    Monitor data and event history
    RSS feed for monitors
    Consume monitored data via API

December 2019: Interactive Editor, JS support and more πŸŽ…

First highlight of the holiday goodies 🎁: the Interactive Editor, which is an improved way to create a monitor with confidence. It allows you to interactively extract data and refine your selectors before saving it, as well as preview the data we'll extract immediately!
You can also transform your data and adapt to any format you need, using custom Javascript and our embedded code editor.
And trigger your webhook manually, to ensure everything works as expected.
This update also brings Javascript support in your monitored webpages, which are being opened in the Chrome browser now. That makes Monitoro compatible with almost any webpage technology you can throw at it.
We also shipped many improvements as suggested by our users and their needs:
    Monitors can be disabled and re-enabled (disabled monitors do not count against your quota)
    The Home page allows you to filter and search for your monitors
    Better error management: Monitors inform you when they fail, highlighting what happened exactly
    The Help Center is improved and contains a tutorial section (expect regular improvements here)
    Resetting passwords is now possible! Yay!
    A refreshed design, moving us beyond the MVP stage
Last but not least, we introduced new tiered plans, inspired by how the product was used so far. We offer plans that range from 10 to 500 monitors, with frequencies between 1 hour and 1 minute. Need more monitors or a faster frequency? Just shoot us a mail.​

November 2019: A browser extension and better UX

This major update builds on our learnings from the first wave of user feedback, about the difficulty of creating monitors. Among the biggest obstacles that our users encountered, finding the right CSS selectors was a common challenge.
So we shipped a brand new browser extension πŸ₯³. It's available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Chromium Edge, and Brave using the Chrome web store. The extension makes selecting parts of a web page much easier, creating a monitor faster.
We also improved the user experience all around, squished many pesky bugs, and improved the performance overall.

October 2019: We launched !

On this fateful day, the 14th of October 2019, Monitoro was first released to the world and our initial users started flooding in, watching webpages for changes and extracting data in a newly convenient way.
This initial version is barebones, allowing to create a monitor assuming the user can get their own CSS selectors and webhooks.
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