Quick start

In a nutshell

Create a monitor as follows:
    Choose any webpage you want to monitor
    Specify which parts of the page to extract (use our extension to make it easy)
    Connect it to your service of choice via a webhook
    Optionally, you can transform the data using javascript
Once created, the monitor will start checking your webpage periodically and extract data from it. When the extracted data (or the transformed data) changes, your webhook will receive a POST request with the resulting data.

Create a basic monitor

If you prefer written instructions:
    Install the extension if you haven't done so already
    Open https://news.ycombinator.com and click on the Monitoro logo in the top right corner of your browser.
    Click on the title of the top story, name it "topStory" and click "Save".
    Click on "+ Watch Another", then click on the top story's comments, name it "topComments" and save it.
    Click on "Webhook Setup"
    Back in Monitoro, your new Monitor will have the URL, and Selectors prefilled. The current step allows us to transform the extracted data before sending it to the webhook. We'll ignore this right now and click on "Configure webhook".
    Fill in the URL of the webhook you want to notify. You can click on "Test Webhook" to send the extracted data to it.If you don't have a webhook handy, just go to webhook.site and get one from there to test. Make sure to reload the page to see requests sent by Monitoro!
    Click on "Create monitor" to save your changes.
    You're all set 🥳. The next time the top story changes, your webhook will receive a POST request with the details of the new story.
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