Triggering the webhook

What's a webhook?

A webhook is a way to integrate two services on the Internet, so that one service notifies another and sends data to it. It practically consists of a URL, and accompanying data format.
A service can provide two types of types of webhooks

Incoming webhooks

A service provides incoming webhooks to allow 3rd party services to notify it.
This is the kind of webhooks that Monitoro integrates with.
For example, most modern communication tools such as Slack provide incoming webhooks to receive messages (from bots notably).

Outgoing webhooks

A service provides outgoing webhooks to notify 3rd party services.
For example, if you are a developer, your versioning software provider such as Github provides you with outgoing webhooks, whenever you push a new version for example, so that you could trigger tests, a build or deployments.

Why do I need a webhook?

When creating a monitor, the webhook you specify will receive the extracted (or transformed) data.
It is used to integrate your chosen 3rd party webservices.

Can you give me some ideas to use webhooks?

There's an entire section to the left, named "Inspiration" if you would like to get more ideas.
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