Use cases

Why would I use Monitoro?

Monitoro is useful to extract data periodically from a website and connect it to another application, or custom script.

So it's beneficial when there is a website of interest with an information that changes, where you'd like to be informed when that happens, or trigger some sort of automation that uses this extracted information.

We've collected some of the use cases Monitoro is currently used for (or could be used for)

Personal automation

  • Connect smart home devices to local weather updates

  • Track travel and hotel prices anywhere

  • Track appointment schedules and availability

  • Find out about new job postings

  • Buy movies, music, concert tickets automatically depending on price and availability

  • Stay on top of weather and storm alerts (and inform less tech-savvy family and friends)

  • Track warrant canaries


  • Buy cheaper

  • Catch the first sales

  • Track auction prices

  • Find new vendors

Watch Competition

  • Track competitor prices and portfolio

  • Track new job openings

  • New laws and court rulings

  • Terms and condition changes

  • Subscription price changes

  • Social media activity updates


  • Track new trends in social media and other activity

  • Monitor news and public releases

  • Get fresh content material

  • Track followers, subscribers and comment activity

Developers and Engineering teams

  • Deployment status and duration

  • Software releases and changelogs

  • Terms and condition changes

  • Subscription price changes

  • Service status and uptime

  • Track warrant canaries

  • New laws and court rulings

  • Track regulation and compliance law

  • Terms and condition changes

  • Track warrant canaries